2019/08/02 – Another 50NZD as Bitcoin deposited to my Crypto Retirement Fund

Bitcoin price is jumping up and down between $9,500 and $10,500 but the market looks stable. I’ve got 0.00303443 BTC sent to my hardware wallet.

I’m thinking about adding some altcoins to the schedule. I’m considering a couple of different coins, but my choice is not based on the project behind them. I’m more interested in the potential to grow in value. For example, I completely don’t trust XRP, I don’t consider that to be what we are looking for in crypto and would be happy for it to die quick and painful death… But does it have the potential to go 3x-10x in next 2 years? I think it does.
On the other hand, I really like the Waves project. It’s very promising, a couple of cool solutions but it doesn’t get much hype and it seems the heam behind it is completely clueless when it comes to promotion and marketing. Does it have the potential for a massive value growth? Nope. Not without some good hype and marketing campaign.

My potential choice:
I’m also thinking about DOGE (yeah, yeah I know… it looks like a gamble but DOGE has been pretty stable and it doesn’t look it will go away any time soon), Lysk, STEEM and a couple of others.

I didn’t make any decisions yet.
I’m also thinking if maybe instead of breaking each deposit into a couple of coins, each time I will dedicate a certain percentage into buying a random coin with a potential. I will not buy the same coins every month but pick something and buy a couple of bucks worth of it.