Calm Before The Storm & Another Deposit

I have decided to make those deposit posts a little more entertaining by creating a dynamic “portfolio” for each deposit.

I have deposited 100NZD and divided it between BTC, ETH and DOGE (50/20/30). As you can (hopefully…) see in the above table, that gave me:

  • 0.00330415 BTC at 15132 NZD
  • 0.06544475 ETH at 305 NZD
  • 6,819 DOGE at ~0.0043 NZD (I deposit BTC to the exchange first and then buy at a given price so my “per coin” price is not the same as what I actually paid. This includes transfer and exchange fees.

Why did I purchase DOGE? I have looked at a couple of cheap altcoins and most of them are directly linked to BTC/USD prices. DOGE seems to have it’s own moments so I thought it may bounce before another BTC bull market. At the moment, most of the cheap (under $0.1) coins slowly drop.

DOGE doesn’t bring any innovation and will probably not have 100x runs, but it proved to be stable, with nice jumps here and there.

Storm Coming?

It’s maybe my wishful thinking, but I think we are getting closer and closer to another Bitcoin bull run.

We had a couple of large swings, usually, those ware good indicators of the market getting ready to push. That, together with China changing approach to mining and crypto…

I have a good feeling about this.

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