Here you can find answers to the most frequent questions. If you want to know about something that is not covered here, you can drop email me from THIS PAGE.

What is the purpose of Crypto Pensioner?

In many countries, people are forced to pay % of their salary to a government-run pension fund. They are not allowed to use it and after XX years they will get some small portion of their “savings” as their pension. You can’t pay it out in full so if you die before you get it all back – gov will take it.
I have decided to invest a small amount from each salary in cryptocurrencies to work as my personal pension fund. This website will help me document the process and maybe inspire some people to do the same.

What is your goal?

I don’t have any target profit or time period in mind. I will continue to make deposits until I’m ready to retire or something seriously bad happens with the crypto market.

How old are you?

At the time of writing this (July 2019), I’m almost 40.

How do you store your assets?

All cryptos that are listed under the “Crypto Retirement” portfolio that you can see on the homepage are stored on a hardware wallet. I do not use this wallet for anything else. I have my backup phases written down in multiple copies and located in different places (do in case of an alien attack my pension doesn’t burn together with my house!).
There is no digital copy of my key phrases!
My “High-Risk Fund” sits on the exchange until I decide to move some (or all) funds to “Crypto Retirement”.

What is the difference between “Crypto Retirement” and “High-Risk Fund”?

Crypto Retirement is my extreme HODL approach. Everything that is sent there will stay there regardless of market changes.
High-Risk Fund is my small “trading” fund. I’m not going to be very active, stare at charts every day and look for opportunities. From every BTC deposit, I will buy some altcoins and set a sell order at 5x or more and no stop loss. Obviously, I will try to pick my coins carefully to increase my chances but diversity is the key here. I may actively trade a little, but most of the time it’s going to be a set and forget approach.

What happens when crypto goes to 0?

Other than the end of this project – not much. I always follow one simple rule: never invest more than you can afford to lose. I’m investing a tiny amount every month. It doesn’t impact my life in any negative way but has the potential to impact in a very positive way in the future. It’s not my one and only plan. I’m prepared for it to fail. There is some thinking, counting and preparing in all this but it’s an experiment – not a strategy.

Why you always try to discourage people from following your footsteps?

The way I’m doing it is counterintuitive and requires a strong commitment. Most people can’t remove their emotions and not count the money before they have it in their hands. You need to be seriously dedicated to this approach. Doing it half-way or deciding to sell your crypto when (you think…) Bitcoin is about to correct and you could potentially double or triple your money. You need to be prepared to miss the opportunities and not feel bad about it. Crypto Retirement is not about trading, it’s about averaging price with the assumption that BTCUSD trendline will continue to go up.

Why your deposits are not in USD?

The answer is simple – I’m currently in New Zealand and using local banks so my deposits are in local currency. I thought about converting everything to USD but that would add another layer to the calculation – USD to NZD rate changes.
I move around quite often so who knows, I may be forced to convert everything to a different currency.

How can I create my own Crypto Retirement portfolio?

Decide what amount you are willing to invest, how often you will make deposits and stick to it. It’s seriously that simple.
If you want to use my crypto portfolio app, you can do it for free HERE.

Can you help me with XYZ?

If you can’t find an answer to your question on this website, please feel free to contact me HERE. I will do my best to help or may write an article explaining your problem.

Can you run a Crypto Retirement portfolio for me?

I don’t offer this as a service, but I do run similar thigs for a couple of people already. It’s mainly close friends and family members, but I’m open to new ideas.