High-Risk Fund As An Addition To Crypto Pensioner Project

Crypto Retirement Fund is where I frequently deposit small amounts of crypto (mainly Bitcoin) to my hardware wallet. I do not trade, hunt for a good price or do anything else. It just sits there and hopefully, in 5-10 years it will be worth much more than I paid for it.

High-Risk Fund, on the other hand, is where I’m planning to have a little fun. I’m not going to do any real trading here so please do not try to copy what I’m doing here. It’s just a casual “buy low – sell high” type of thing with very optimistic assumptions.
As always – I have allocated a small amount of money (1,000NZD = ~$680) to this and I’m totally prepared to lose it all.
My strategy here is definitely not the best way to trade. It’s not even an average way… Seriously – do not treat this as financial advice. If you want to do real trading or serious investments, go and read Investopedia. They have heaps of knowledge there.

Here’s my “strategy”:

  • Find a cheap coin (ideally under 1,000 Satoshis) that dropped and looks like it’s about to recover or is relatively new and may go up in the future
  • Buy small amount, don’t set up stop-loss (What did I just tell you?) and HODL
  • Depending on what the overall market trend is:
    • Try to sell with a 10-20% profit, find another opportunity, repeat
    • HODL and wait for the value to go 100% up, sell half of the coin (to get my initial investment back) and ride the remaining as much as possible
  • Run with it until I’m super-rich or broke 🙂
  • If this stupidity somehow works, I will transfer some (or all) of the altcoins to my Retirement Fund to sit there until I’m ready to retire.

I have invested 1,000 NZD ($680), that gave me ~ 0.05BTC

If you want to see more details, here’s my portfolio: https://cointracking.info/portfolio/CryptoPensioner

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