Keybase Stellar Airdrop

I will not talk much about Keybase here. The purpose of this post is to share with you information about interesting Airdrop Keybase is having.

From what I can see – they have dedicated 2 billion Lumens to give away in the next 2 years. You are probably thinking that XLM is not worth much or they are going to give some worthless peanuts anyway. I thought the same and this was the thinking that always stopped me from joining any airdrops. I just couldn’t be asked to waste time to get worthless tokens I may one day be able to exchange for $0.0000000000002

BUT… At the moment of writing this, XLM is worth $0.075464 and airdrop is estimated at 622 coins. If nothing changes and if my math is correct, that’s close to 47USD!
It’s not a life-changing amount, but it’s not peanuts either.
And Keybase is planning to have airdrops every month for the next 2 years!
The % share of the drop is going to shrink as more people joins it, but overall it can add up to a nice amount.

You can read more about the airdrop here:

How to join Keybase

The process is pretty straight forward and you don’t need to be tech-savvy at all. First, go to and click “Login” in the top-right corner. When a popup shows up, click on “Join Keybase

Enter your email, username, password and click “Activate“. If everything goes well, you should see your account’s dashboard:

Note: It’s not my real account. I’ve used a little F12 trickery to hide my real login 😉

Download Keybase App

Sadly, you can’t do everything in the browser and you will need to download a mobile or desktop Keybase app from here:

Login to your account using the app (I have started with a Windows desktop version first) and you should see something like this:

Click on a “Wallet” icon in the sidebar and check if your wallet was successfully generated. If not – click on “Add an account” and “Create a new account“. You should see your account with 0 XLM balance.
If you already have a Stellar account, you can choose to “Link an existing Stellar account” instead.

At this point, you probably already clicked on “Join the airdrop” button and noticed there’s a couple more steps to go through:

We need to activate a phone number (and it needs to be from one of the approved countries – sorry, but certain countries are excluded due to spam/abuse of the platform) and have 3 active devices or paper keys.

Phone verification is rather simple… Go to “Settings” and click on “Add phone number“. Choose your country from the dropdown, type your number, click on “Continue” and type in the code you get in the SMS. Nothing new here…

Activating devices is even easier…
Go to “Devices” and click on “Add a device or paper key” and click on “Create a paper key“:

Once your key is ready, copy it somewhere safe (as the name suggests – writing it on paper is a good option), select “Yes, I wrote this down” and click “Done“.

You already have one device registered (it’s the one you are using right now) and you have just generated a key – that leaves one more. If you don’t want to add more devices, just generate another key! Each key counts as a device so your should have required 3 “devices” ready.

You should be eligible to join the airdrop! All you need to do now is wait 🙂

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