Last Keybase Stellar (XLM) Airdrop & My Summary

Looks like people behind Stellar Airdrop at Keybase are not very up to date with spammers and what effect free money has on people 😉

They have stopped the Stellar Airdrop due to… large amount of new users creating accounts 🙂 I’m not kidding here… That’s exactly what has happened and what was given as an explanation.
Obviously, it’s their coin and they can do whatever they want with it, but this shows me the guys behind the project have zero experience with online platforms…

I’m an old school marketer, self-proclaimed spammer and a known “black hat”. Spamming shit and mass account creation (manual or automated) is just part of the Internet. I one of the people responsible for Facebook and Twitter user base “growth” at the beginning of their existence. I had thousands of accounts before those platforms went mainstream and got “trendy”. It’s nothing new…

Someone can say “it’s because of people like you…” and blame end of this Airdrop on me. To be honest – I have a bunch of Keybase accounts that I use for different purposes BUT I have applied for airdrop only on 2 of those (that’s why I’ve reported double the amount in my previous Keybase post). One was my wife’s and the other one is my main “personal” account.

Keybase Airdrop of Stellar (XLM) Coin Summary

I have missed the first aIrdrop and signed up only in time for 2nd where I’ve got a little over 1378 XLM (in total). 3rd airdrop was much smaller with only 710 XLM (from 2 accounts, actual Airdrop was 355).
That gives me exactly 2,087.5906104 XLM worth 96.22USD (around 144 NZD).

I will try to look for other airdrops but most of them are just an attempt at free publicity for failed coins. I’m not going to spend any time on something that is not tradable at the time of aidrop. 

If you know about any decent project worth looking into – please drop a comment 😉