New Deposit & Bitcoin Drop

As expected – Bitcoin dropped. I thought it will land around $7,800 – $8,200 region, but a the time of writing this it sits at $7,000. This got me by surprise and scared a little, despite being prepared for it. Old habits…

For this project, market dropping is a good thing. I can buy coins cheaper and gain more in the future (assuming Bitcoin will keep climbing over time).

I have purchased 3 coins again:
– 50NZD worth of Bitcoin
– 30NZD worth of Ethereum
– 20NZD worth of Verge

I’m not sure if I should continue investing in Ethereum. I had a feeling it’s not a good coin in the long run. It’s good for developing blockchain-based projects and had a nice run when ICOs exploded, but it doesn’t offer much as a coin. I don’t think it will get back to the peak price from 2017.
I don’t know. I will think about it and see if I pick something else in the future.