Small changes and a little update

Apologies for staying quiet but I’m super busy with other projects. I will try to post more frequently, but as not much is happening at the moment with Crypto Pensioner so I didn’t have much to say. Maybe in the future, I will start reporting on some news and investment opportunities? No one is reading this and I have spent 0 hours promoting the site (as someone who does marketing for a living it’s a little ironic but hey – it’s nice to have a site with 0 pressure, no deadlines, schedules and all that boring crap). It’s my personal project and I have zero expectations when it comes to making any profit from it.

Shit Breaks…

I should know that nothing runs fully on autopilot and it needs to be checked from time to time. As you could expect – my automated payments got cancelled and I missed a couple of deposits. It’s not a big issue – other than I missed some nice discounts when BTC dropped below $8k :/ Life goes on…

Changes To The Schedule

I was going to deposit $50 per week, but I have changed it to $100 every 2 weeks. The reason for it is that I’m going to split it into 3 parts:

  • 50% will go into BTC on my Ledger
  • 20% will go into ETH on my Ledger
  • 30% will go into my trading account

You are probably thinking “Got you! You can’t stop yourself and going to trade!”
Not quite…
I’m going to use that BTC to buy whatever altcoin looks interesting at the time and…
Well… Kind of. I will HODL, but if it jumps up 200%+ (from my buy-in price) I may sell half of it and reuse recovered BTC to buy another altcoin. Or sell all of it… Or wait for 10x… I’m not sure yet. OK… I can’t stop myself. But I’m not going to actively trade, watch charts and all that crap. Once I came up with some solid procedure – I will post it here.

Latest Deposit

  • 0.00408903 BTC at 12,227 NZD
  • 0.07545686 ETH at 265 NZD
  • 1,367 TRX at 0.02 NZD (~$30 NZD worth of TRX) – (at the time of writing this, already 35% in green…) A massive $11NZD profit! LOL


Overall – I’m still in negative with ETH, LTC and XRP BUT those didn’t follow the protocol… I just got it on the day instead of averaging it out over time. Silly me wanted to have something to play on a new Ledger… That is what happens when you don’t stick to your own plan!

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