Stress-Free Bitcoin Investment

Here’s something I didn’t expect… long term price averaging AKA Crypto Retirement makes buying Bitcoin much less stressful.

I’m in habit of checking charts a couple of times a day, making quick analysis and trying to predict where the market is going. If you admit it or not – it does create a little anxiety. When the market is unpredictable or does something and I don’t know the reason behind it, it’s stressful. I’m thinking of when to buy, which altcoins will get pulled down and which could potentially resist.
And there’s news…. A never-ending stream of tweets, blog posts, RSS feeds, YT videos, podcasts, interviews, conferences and all that crap that we follow. In theory, it gives us the advantage of knowing what is going on. But is it really an advantage or just an excuse for being addicted to information and wasting time on things that have no impact on what we do?

The last couple of weeks have shown me that most of it all have no real effect or if it has – we don’t know about it early enough to act on it. Everyone is great at “predicting” past events. But what if I just don’t care anymore? Will Bitcoin go up to $12,000 tomorrow? Cool – my savings will be worth more. It does down to $6,000? Awesome! I will buy some BTC at a discounted price.
Normally I would tell this to myself, but I would stress about it anyway. This time I mean it. It seriously does not bother me and I like this feeling.

I know it’s going to be hard, but I will try to apply a similar approach to my trading and other investment projects.